the peak bagging app v2.0 is now available on the Google Play store

the peak bagging app has been completely revamped and is now available on the Google play store

We never expected so many people to download, use and email about the original application that was released in April of 2012.  Since that time we have long desired to revamp the project in a number of ways, to continue to grow what can be a fantastic mobile peak bagging community.  Thanks to the help of your feedback, we completely revamped the application and positioned it to continue to grow and be beneficial to the peak bagging community.

Some of the major updates are:

  • We are now tracking peak bagging statistics for over 10,000 peaks and 200 lists.  This is double what the previous version was!  There are lists for all 50 U.S. states, Canadian Provinces and European countries!  Now that the application is online, expect lists to be added regularly, mostly based on user feedback.
  • The application is now optimized for tablets of all sizes! 
  • You now can post and read trail / peak conditions!  Completely user driven from around the world!

We have also revamped the website ( and made it easier to shoot us any lists or features you want to see added for us to evaluate.  We firmly believe this is the best way to continue to grow the project, so we look forward to hearing from you!

Expect more updates to continue to roll in on a regular basis, and thank you for supporting the peak bagging app project!